Monday, May 14, 2012

Glass Sgraffito Drawing Class, Finished Student Work

Time for a new update on my experimental class last weekend.  I am so impressed by the work produced by the attendees of my little class, and I am excited to do this again!  As promised, I will let you in on some of their comments and suggestions about their experiences as well as a look at their finished work......








 I love art but feel challenged in it. I didn't even take art in highschool because I felt that I was that bad at it, Thanks again for letting me test out your class, I really thought I would do horrible but I'm really happy with my first stab at it...

had a great time this weekend taking Kelly Crosser Alge's sgraffito glass class. can't wait to see the finished product after it's done firing!

it was fun getting to use a technique that was totally new to me. i'm not a "glass artist" but Kelly made the class fun and interesting.

I wondered with a beginners class or other type of class if you would be open to doing a class that doesn't cost as much but then use smaller pieces of glass and maybe a one day class for beginners and offer a 2 day class for advanced.

Today I tried something entirely new and interesting!  I used to do a lot with fused glass, mostly jewelry, but I became bored because I felt like all I was doing was "making widgets" and it ofwasn't creative or interesting.....So I gave it up and turned to painting, thinking that someday I would somehow try to incorporate the two.....Well that day is today and I'm so excited to be a part Kelly Alge's experimantal class on fused glass powder sgraffito drawings.  Kelly is an expert glass fuser who experiments all the time with new techniques in glass.  Her latest is using powdered frit and an easy to learn, no drawing skills necessary technique for creating one of a kind art that is permanently fused into glass..

Today, she showed us several techniques for making certain marks in glass powder, and basically just playing around in the glass...It was a bit like being a kid in a sandbox again, no pressure to create anything that looked "real"   She then showed us how she marks out a photo referance on the edges of her glass so the layout is accurate......(see the photo with all the lines and notes.)   Tomorrow, we will complete our masterpiece and add a bit of color if relevent.....I can't wait to see the results...

This is Kelly's first workshop for this technique, and her teaching skills and simple manner of explaining technique are amazing (she has over 10 years of teaching experience in fused glass, but this is the first for this method)  Her 4 guinea pigs as she calls us students were hand selected by her to cover the range of experience from absolutely no art experience to very experienced...and quite honestly the ones with limited experience are doing some impressive are several pics of Kelly's work and the workshop today......If you're ever interested in her future workshops let me know...I have a feeling they will fill up fast!


  1. I love how different they all are! Now when is your next workshop? Do you have one scheduled? I want to come back!

  2. Yes, June 9 &10... Details by the end of the week:)


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