Saturday, February 2, 2013

Freshening up in February, Here are some of the pieces I have available for sale

Monet Path, Fused Glass Frit Painting, $1495

 As I am freshening up around the studio, I wanted to post a few of the fused glass pieces I currently have available.  These are on display at Coffee Amici in Downtown Findlay during the month of February, and are available for purchase in my online gallery at Daily Paintworks.  If you are interested in learning about my process, you can check out my website or register for one of my upcoming classes in fused glass sgraffito drawing or "frit painting". 

Some really exciting news, (and words can't convey how excited I am!) 

PORTLAND!!  Bullseye Glass has invited me and 9 other glass artist/teachers to come to their factory's Research and Education Studio for a week in May for some in-depth training and collaboration.  More on that later.... But be prepared to hear about some fun specials I'll have coming up this month to help raise some money for a plane ticket and lodging:)  Planning to have some new work up by the end of the week!  Blessings to you...

Garden Party, Fused Glass Frit Painting $595 SOLD

Farm Storm, Fused Glass Collage $2300 SOLD

Paris Boat Dock, Fused Glass Powder Sgraffito Drawing $395

Sing Song City,  Fused Glass Collage $4295

Autumn Foliage (Unframed) $495

Paris Carousel $395

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