Sunday, January 12, 2014

Win a Glass Piece Every Month for 2014!

January 12, the new thing I learned today is how to fix the problem of not having an easy comment box on this blog! 
Tomorrow will be better now.  
Here again is the recap from yesterday, along with an all new comment box so that we might discuss :)  

Today I'd like to give each of you an opportunity to receive a surprise package in the mail each month for 2014.  I'm looking for some random input from random folks to help me with a project that is very meaningful.  I can't tell you the details yet, but if you're willing to help simply by giving me some opinions, I will put you into a drawing to win one of my glass pendants every month for an entire year.  I guarantee you'll be very glad to be a part of this when I tell you what it is!

I would like to move this project into full swing as soon as possible, and will draw the name on January 19, which is just one week and a few moments from right now.   Also, you will get an extra entry for anyone who you direct to my blog that leaves a comment to help with the project.  Doesn't that sound nice?

Here is all you need to do:
Enter your response  in the "Comments Box" at the end of the post. 
Then, on the right side of this post, click on either "follow by email", or "subscribe to posts"

Pretty simple, no?
You will get one entry per unique response between now and next Sunday, 1/19 at midnight.

Be sure to tell any friends that subscribe to add your name to the end of their comment so that you get credit for their entry as well.

Please refrain from duplicate responses, be creative!

Please tell me your pet peeves, complaints, and irritations surrounding the subject of WATER.

Here's a start.
I hate it when the shower water gets cold before I rinse my hair.
also,  I hate it when I step in water on the floor when I'm wearing socks.



  1. Here is where you can send me your pet peeves, complaints, and irritations, surrounding the subject of WATER

  2. I hate it when our newspaper gets wet with rain water.

  3. I hate the trail of water that drips off my dog's muzzle.

  4. I hate the standing water in the road that you don't realize is filling a pothole until it is too late!

  5. I hate the sensation of jumping into a swimming pool of cool water.

  6. I love walking along an ocean beach, but I hate having an unexpected large wave get my pant legs wet.

  7. I hate it when someone takes the last of the ice and doesn't make more!

  8. I find it most unfortunate when I've drank too much water. And I'm driving. In the middle of nowhere.

  9. I don't like it when my eyes water when I'm cutting onions. Which is more of a complaint about onions. The truth is, I love water! Even when it turns into a foot of snow and I have to shovel. :)


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