Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 13: Sharks and Personal Items

Day 13, Sharks and Personal Items
Today my sketch is a personal item that I use each day, and I'm so happy to have it because it is a family heirloom to me... My Grandma's soap dish...  

My grandparents lived in a little house on a quiet street.  There was nothing fancy about their house on the outside; but inside was a tiny, really fancy purple bathroom that I loved dearly.  It had 3 mirrors and a corner sink with a fancy light fixture above it.  The sink had violets printed in the porcelain, which matched the tiles in the shower.  I thought it was really cool to be able to see myself from the side in the mirrors, and the bathroom always smelled good.  Grandpa had his own bathroom connected to their bedroom but I never liked it much.  It was green and had Irish Spring soap by the sink.  Grandma used soap that smelled good, and her powders and creams were in the purple bathroom.  

When my Grandma died this past August, my family and I went through her things, deciding what to keep and what to 'not keep'.  She didn't have anything valuable, and her assisted-living apartment was small.  Lots of things went into boxes, and we had to move her things out within a few days time... 

I kept her soap dish because I had loved it since I was a very young child.  It has more value to me than any other physical thing she had, even though it's worth nothing to anyone else.  I look at it every day and think of her.

I'm going to fire this piece and put in a dark background later.  The soap dish is white, and that presents us with a new challenge for later.... We'll talk about that tomorrow maybe.

The Challenge for tomorrow, Day 13 is to sketch this great white shark, photo is courtesy of challenge participant Steven Cross.  Steven Cross you had better be posting your sketch tomorrow, or you'll have some hungry challengers after you.  lol.  

This is a great exercise in contrast, texture, and form.  If you're worried about trying this one, you may crop a section to work on instead of doing the whole 'sharky thing'!

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  1. Sgraffito, snarknado, ... Love your story, Kelly. Thanks for sharing with the spectacular artwork!!


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