Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 24: Weekend Challenge- Releasing the Chains!

This Weekend... 
We'll be releasing the chains on your Non-Dominant Hand. 
Hurray! Non-dominant hands out there, Run and Be Free!

Most of us have heard the myth that people are either right-brained or left-brained. 
Creative people on the right, Analytic people on the left.
In fact, because we've heard this for so long, many 'left-brain types' feel that they have no hope of being creative, 'right-brain types' may believe they can't become good at math. 
 'It's the way we're wired'
Don't believe it.
We are all 'whole-brained'.  And while each of us have right and left brain strengths and weaknesses, we learn by using both sides of the brain simultaneously.

It is true, however, that each side of the brain is responsible for 
certain motor skills on the opposite side of the body. 

I recently read a new research study about how amputees compensate after losing their dominant hand.  They did exercises to train the non-dominant hand, while measuring brain activity through MRI... They concluded that the non-dominant hand can be trained to work as accurately as the dominant, and that the process of learning to use it actually improved brain function in both brain hemispheres...
Guess what that means?
YOU can train your whole brain to improve the way it functions and learns 
by strengthening the things that are currently non-dominant.
The brain understands and remembers best when the knowledge and skills are acquired through experiential learning, which is why we're doing this:

Day 24:  Go back to the beginning, and create a fused glass sgraffito sketch of a tree using only the business card and non-dominant hand. Ok, you can use both sides of your brain too as long as you use them both at the same time.  ha.

I haven't done my daily sketch for today yet... I'm behind.  If you are too, make sure you get your collection drawing for today done at some point, because I love seeing the collections!

Read The Article (this is the simple one)

Journal of Neuroscience (this is the nerdy one.  I like it)

More very interesting right-left brain stuff and proof that what I say is true

Even more proof and cool brain stuff


  1. Trish Ohliger FrerkingJanuary 23, 2015 at 10:40 PM

    Kelly, I love this idea (though I will probably hate it tomorrow!). And you know what is really fun? I like the nerdy article too! My hubby and I have both published in J. Neuroscience! Small world :o)

  2. Wow! That's a pretty cool accomplishment! I love reading that stuff.

  3. how disappointing- the amputees got quick and smooth but no more accurate than the controls left hands!


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