Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 3, Some Fabulous things are Happening Here!

Wow. I am SO impressed with the photos everyone has been posting, both here and on the FB page.  I have a feeling that by the end of the month I might  be out of a job!

It takes courage to boldly display your artwork amongst others' work that you think is better than yours.  KEEP IT COMING!  Try your best to 'lose the fear of being wrong' that is putting doubt in your mind.  Your work is good enough, and you'll start to care less about comparing yourself to others as the days of our challenge progress.

I'd like to share some work by participants who are really pushing that concept of being resourceful that we talked about yesterday, you girls rock!

Charlotte Kay does not have frit.  She is using Trader Joe's sipping Chocolate and a flour sifter.

Charlyn Moellers is traveling and has tried flour, sugar, and has settled on using baking soda.  Charlyn, you have discovered why Bullseye's stiff black doesn't work well for sgraffito.  It behaves like a mix between flour and corn starch :)

I used dirt one time when I was supposed to demo at a show and forgot to bring frit...  If you want to make art,  you'll make art with whatever you have available.

Kudos to these ladies!
Here are their photos:
Charlyn Moellers is using baking soda
Charlotte Kay is using Trader Joe's
Sipping Chocolate

Day 3 Glass sgraffito sketch, 4"x6", Unfired.
Here are my entries for today, one glass sketch, one alcohol ink painting, and one photo of the piece I fired from yesterday.  Tomorrow's challenge is to keep using only the card and fingers for a few more days!  This time, try a landscape.
Day 3 of 30 in 30 Challenge 'Yellow Rose', Alcohol Ink $20 bid

Day 2 Glass Sgraffito Sketch (fired)
I added BE 301 Pink, 0137 Fr. Vanilla frits


  1. Kelly Crosser AlgeJanuary 3, 2015 at 12:16 AM

    Post your comments here. Great Job everyone!

  2. What a creative group of artists!! I'm really enjoying your challenge!!


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