Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: Tool Time

Tool Time Starts Today! 
 I hope everyone has survived the 5 minutes x 5 sketches challenges.
You'll definitely have more than 30 sketches by the end of the month.  Sneaky! 
The discoveries you've made in those short minutes will serve you well~
Your posted work has been outstanding, and it's only been a week!

We are glass artists. We are tool crazy.
Tools are nice, and we want all of them. (don't we?) 

You've probably noticed that there aren't really any pre-made tools specifically for drawing with powdered glass.  That is a good thing, because it forces us to be resourceful and inventive when it comes to the tools we use to create imagery.  

 I recently watched one of NBC's Dateline Documentaries about the weaponry being fashioned in prisons by very creative and resourceful prisoners.  Knives made from Jolly Ranchers melted in foil left over from dinner. Filed down toothbrush handles and bed spring pieces become serious weapons.  We can stay on the outside and fashion some serious tools to play with in our glass adventures.

The Challenge for Day 7 (and Day 8)

Select well among old things, and make a tool.  It doesn't have to be changed from its original form, but it could be.  Perhaps you have something in your junk drawer that could be useful?  The only rule:  Your tool cannot be a paintbrush... NO PAINTBRUSHES!!!  
noooooooooo paintbruuuushhhess.......
Use your tool, along with the business card, fingers, and/or sifter to make your entries for Day 7 and Day 8

If you have a blog, tell us about your tool and post a photo of it along with your work!  I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with.  Here are my entries for Day 7,  A quick glass sketch and an alcohol ink painting for my other challenge :)
Testing another 'sunrise' piece.  I added color and it's in the kiln...
A Tulip-y Flower... go away winter!

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