Monday, October 5, 2015

Storytelling #1... For the January Challenge Folks

Thank you everyone for being patient with me while I've been feeling crummy and traveling;  I'm feeling much better and I'm ready to get the ball rolling on!  This challenge is for those of you who completed the 30 in 30 challenge in January, but please know that it's open to EVERYONE who would like to contribute.

The theme of 'The Big Draw' event this year is "Every Drawing Tells a Story".  It's true, isn't it?  Every drawing that has ever existed tells some kind of story.   Sometimes we use drawings to show an idea, or how things are put together.  IKEA sells furniture with instructions that are purely pictorial.  Since IKEA sells furniture in many different countries, they use drawings to tell the story of how a piece of furniture is put together instead of relying on pages and pages of written words in every language.  My favorite drawing that is included in every set of instructions is of a little man who is scratching his head and is on the telephone.  Just by describing this scenario, I'm sure you're formulating a picture in your mind about how the little guy might look.  You can likely feel his frustration.  IKEA adds this photo to their assembly directions with the knowledge that someone who purchased their furniture is going to encounter a problem.  HMMMM.....

Every Drawing Tells a Story.
It does.
Drawings are all around us.
I could write a million blog posts about how to tell a story using art, but the most important thing perhaps is figuring out what it is that you want to say.  You can start by saying so very little.

This Week's Challenge is to complete a drawing in powdered glass that shows some form of instruction.  (I hope this is difficult!)  Teach me something that you know.  Make it yours, it can be as simple or as complex as you like.  Move that brain!

While you work on this challenge I will be on my "New Year Reset Trip", which consists of 4 days with family in a super remote wonderland of no cell/phone/TV heaven!  I'm even forcing myself to leave my paint at home this year... probably I'll still bring my black glass powder....  grr... I can't stop making things...

I've set up the regular challenge to repost on its own, but should things go awry, I will be back on Saturday to fix them.  I hope all of you in the SC area are safe and free of flooding, my prayers are with you...

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