Thursday, October 15, 2015

Storytelling Challenge #2 for the January Folks

"Every drawing tells a story", and "A picture is worth a thousand words"... 
How do you tell a story with objects?

Last night, I was here on the computer writing a new challenge for all of you.  My 11 year old daughter was in the next room getting ready for bed and was anxious for me to come in to listen to her evening prayers and cuddle before bed. As usual, I was 'taking too long' , and Millie was beginning to get frustrated with waiting.  Finally, she came up to the computer and said she had something super special and secret to show me... (message to me: get off the computer.  lol)  She was holding the cigar box I'd given her a long time ago, and inside was a beautiful assemblage of candy.  Her "Secret Candy Stash" was arranged as if it were a bento box.  Each piece was organized by type, and thoughtfully placed by size to make a perfect fit inside the box.  I didn't know she had a secret candy stash.   This kid loves candy, and I was pretty surprised that she had the will-power to save ANYTHING containing sugar longer than it takes to get it out of the package.  She surprised me again when she proceeded to tell me where each piece came from, and how and when she received it. 

 Her box tells many stories.  
Although it is just a pile of candy at first glance, it holds a pile of experiences and memories carefully collected and arranged by someone I love.  It's a window into her thoughts. It tells me that these things hold a high value to her, the stories as well as the candy.

Your next Storytelling Challenge is to create a sgraffito drawing that tells a story about an experience, memory, or moment, using objects that you randomly find in place.  
Grab your camera and take some photos of things that are 'just there' in your space.  As I look around my house, I see lots of things that could tell a story about me.  My purse is sitting open on the desk, spilling receipts and showing signs of being hastily sifted through.  On the kitchen counter is an empty bottle of wine and the corkscrew my husband broke last night while trying to open it (along with the packaging for the new one he bought shortly afterward. ha)  My 13 year old's backpack is lying on her bedroom floor...

Challenge yourself to compose a reference photo that is eye-pleasing, shows a full range of values, and draws the viewer in to take a closer look.
When you finish, tell us the story of your drawing!
Don't forget that you can tag your drawings on Instagram throughout the month of October to be part of "The Big Draw" gallery!  Just use the hashtag #thebigdraw.

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