Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 16: NUNCHI


Noun.  (Korean)

The subtle, often unnoticed art of listening and gauging another's mood.

Word Nerd Alert:

This is the first of several foreign words I chose for the challenge which do not have a comparable word translation in the English language.  The first time I realized that words like this exist (in my youthful ignorance) I was sitting in college Japanese class.  We were studying weather, and my professor was trying to explain the many different Japanese words that fall right through the words I know for describing 'rain' in English.  My words: Rain, Drizzle, Sprinkle, Shower, Downpour, etc.  make up the gamut of what I can call 'Rain'.

  Some of my favorite Japanese rain words are:
 Juuu = once in 10 days rain, ten-kyuu = rain from a cloudless sky, and yau = night rain.

The Japanese language has so many beautiful translations of ideas and qualities that I can't find an equal way to say using an English word. Be prepared to hear more about it in future challenge posts.  Xxx

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