Saturday, January 2, 2016


Day 2:  Effulgence.  I love this word!  When I think about examples of effulgence in this world, I picture the tiny reflections of the sky on water, an angel's face, neat and intricate rays... Optical illusions...

 noun. ef·ful·gence \i-ˈfu̇l-jən(t)s, e-, -ˈfəl-\
Definition of effulgence:  radiant splendor :  brilliance

I'm glad to see a few of you posting your entry from yesterday's "Comfort" Challenge!  If you are having trouble with posting your photos on the blog, please drop me a note either by private message on FB or by email:  I don't always see every post on the Sgraffito group page.  Thank you to last year's Pro's who are helping the new folks figure it out too!  It took me awhile to get back into the groove of figuring out the whole blog posting thing too.    Remember that you can have each daily challenge sent to you by email if you click 'Follow by Email' on the sidebar of the blog post.  Forward we go!


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