Friday, January 22, 2016



Noun. (Norwegian)

The indescribable euphoria experienced as you begin to fall in love.

Ok, so this could maybe coincide with "infatuation" but it's still different, don't you think?  This one describes the actual FEELING of beginning to fall in love, where infatuation (to me at least) kind of reduces the feeling in a way.  When I think of 'infatuation' I think of people being dumbed by the initial feelings of falling in love.  To me,  Forelsket is different.  I think it's more about describing   the 'tickle' and dreamy anticipation that you feel along with infatuation,  without the added connotation of being blinded by emotion and lust.  What do you think?  Share your drawing and your thoughts behind it!

By the way...
I hate to say this, but....I have to pay $ in order to host the challenge links that help you post your drawings to the blog page. I signed up for a one month subscription during the challenge, so if you'd like to have your drawings posted to my blog page, get them on ASAP!  The window to upload your work will end on 1/31/2016.  If you haven't tried to upload your work to the blog page yet, please give it a try! For the Facebook group people, there is a tutorial with pictures if you click on the "Files" folder on the Sgraffito page.  You can use any photo from your computer, instagram, phone, or blog.

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