Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 6: WASTE


Noun.    \ ˈwāst\

  • : loss of something valuable that occurs because too much of it is being used or because it is being used in a way that is not necessary or effective
  • : an action or use that results in the unnecessary loss of something valuable
  • : a situation in which something valuable is not being used or is being used in a way that is not appropriate or effective
    WASTE is a tough one to think about when you're trying not to think about 'things'.  Probably the first visuals that come to mind are crumpled papers, recycling bins, food that rots before it is eaten, etc.  To get our minds off of the kinds of objects that waste could be, it helps to focus on the abstract words in the definition... The LOSS. the fact that it's unnecessary use, or lack of use that causes something to lose its value.   In my sketch, I wanted to give a sense of the upright usefulness, uniqueness, and value of the right side shapes before they became 'waste'. I then added the dark areas on top of them to hide their value', and added shadows as a sort of recollection of 'what was and could have been' on the left, representing the past. Little glints of the former unwasted quality are hinted at by removing a little of the dark powder.  I looked at it upside down and from each side, and decided that the way I really like it best is upside down.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I just can't mention the word 'waste' to you without also mentioning my absolute favorite art documentary, Vik Muniz's "Wasteland". Here is a link to the movie trailer  on YouTube.It's one that I could watch over and over again and I recommend it to every human. It will make you smile, cry, and cheer all at the same time. So if you need a little break from the challenge tonight and a dose of inspiration, hop on over to Netflix and give it a watch. I just might!  Xxx

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