Thursday, January 9, 2014


 Glass sgraffito sketch made with powdered black glass on white sheet glass

This is a photo of a demo sketch I did at an art show somewhere last show season. It's a 'throwaway' of sorts.  Because there is no way to melt the glass on site, it all gets dumped back in the jar or brushed away into the grass when it's time to go.  

People don't like it when I do that, for some reason.

Here is another sketch from a different show, only this time I forgot to bring the powdered glass to demo with.  Aye… and I was on the schedule at 1pm...

This sketch was made from dirt that I found along the riverbank.  Turns out, it works just like powdered glass. 

Can you keep it?  Nope.   Can you sell it?   Only if it's a cornflake that looks like the Virgin Mary. 
The beauty in these 'throwaways' becomes my sketchbook.  The lessons they teach me while I'm sitting at shows with nothing to do can't be replaced, redone, or made better by keeping them in a physical sense.
I've learned not to get so attached to a piece that I forget to think about why I am creating it.

Blowing these sketches into the wind is very freeing.  I would recommend it to artists in all media.  Smash a pot, burn a painting, build a sandcastle, speak your heart into a dog's ear...You never lose, you only get better.

Another lesson I learned from dirt painting is that it's an excellent way to teach kids to draw.  Dry erase board + dirt + kid,  there is no end to what they can make.

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