Friday, January 10, 2014

Trees, Trees, Large and Small

Yellow Trees,  3x5, framed to 5x7
Fused Glass Sgraffito Sketch
Daily Paintworks Quick Auction, $40
Tiny Red Forest, 2.5x3.5, framed to 3.5x4.5
Fused Glass Sgraffito Sketch
Daily Paintworks Quick Auction $20
Here are few more Fused Glass Sgraffito  tree sketches to share~  I spent much of the past week working on color swatches and test samples.  New glass colors are always tempting me, and there are always new ones coming out. (Big thanks to Bullseye Glass Co. for that) Each new color I use requires some testing to see how each interacts with colors I'm familiar with, and how each works for the technique I'm using.  Today I have been working some trees with a special production 'Chalky Blue' glass. It's a larger frit painting that will require more than one firing, and won't be ready to share for a few more days.  The other one I'm working on is a Chicago themed piece featuring the famous Water Tower.  A little tricky to plan, and again, multiple firings, but I'm really excited to see how these fare in the kiln.

Here's a little sneak peek of the chalky blue forest...

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