Monday, January 6, 2014

Why is Everyone Throwing Hot Water?

Tiny Summer Garden Fused Glass Sgraffito , 2.5"x 3.5" Auction starts at $15

Today, January 6, is the coldest day on record in the past 150 years here.  In fact, the air outside is so cold, that many people have been outside trying this interesting experiment:  

Boil a pan of water. Take it outside, and throw the water up into the air. The water immediately turns into snow and blusters away. WOW!  That is really a cool trick!

It has been fun watching my 100+ lb. golden retriever swim through the drifts too, I can not imagine trying to go to the bathroom in a snowdrift that is waist deep.  Ha.  Even the squirrels seem to have that puzzled,"what the heck happened here?" look when they ran down the tree, disappeared in the snow, then did a quick 180ยบ back to their nest...

I thought a tiny summer garden piece would be appropriate for my 30 in 30 entry for day 6.  I can look at it and think about flip-flops and skirts, and how the summer breeze will be back when it finishes warming the other half of the globe.  It is their turn, after all. Stay warm and happy friends!

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