Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I like words.   I am especially fond of Japanese words, because so much can be said in small 'pictures'.  "Natsu" is the first part of the word and the kanji looks difficult, but in that first little block there are symbols that mean heart, pocket, bosom, breast, yearn, miss (someone), become attached to, curious, eager to know, dear, missed, desired...  

The English translation would probably be 'nostalgic', but the English word leaves me without pictures.  Pictures within words make the Japanese language so seductive... I just want to learn more so I can unfold the beauty of how they fit together so perfectly.

I spent this weekend with a student, who has become a friend.  She was here to make a sgraffito style city in fused glass, and brought with her some photos from her childhood home in Iceland.  I truly enjoyed listening to her stories and learning about how life was while she was growing up. I'm interested in knowing about these things; the natsukashii memories that we all carry.

Here is a photo of a small section of her glass city, she mastered faces in a hurry!  Each part of her city was tied to those natsukashii memories, and I am feeling pretty lucky to have heard the stories behind the artwork that she created.  Life is short.  Every piece of artwork carries a memory of sorts.  Spend the time to look for it and you'll see...

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