Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9: Apples and Ideas

Your tool arsenals are looking mighty fine!  There are some truly awesome tools being made!  I hope you're all feeling challenged, out of your comfort zones, and maybe just a little frustrated.  It takes some time to get your brain 'thinking backwards', and of course, exercise hurts a little.  If you're frustrated, keep pushing yourself!  It will be worth it, you'll see.

The first day of the challenge, I shared that I did not want to paint apples when I was first learning to paint.  I thought they were too boring.  Good thing that for today's challenge, you can be as boring or as exciting as you'd like to be!  

Your challenge for Day 9:  Choose any fruit.  Using your homemade tools, business card, sifter, and /or fingers, create a sketch of a piece of fruit. No paintbrushes.... no

Wonky Wobbly Street 4x6
It helps to have the real thing to look at, and it's a great challenge to translate a 3-D object onto a 2-D surface.  If you don't have a piece of fruit, you can resort to using a photo. (but you won't learn as much and that's taking the 'safe route')  You probably should get yourself some fruit, because Hey! t's part of a healthy diet.

Tropicana Punch

Here are two sketches: one fruit, and a wonky wobbly city street, along with my alcohol ink entry for Day 9 of my other painting challenge.  I made the pear awhile ago, but I did use only the business card to make it.  No sifter!

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