Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cool but not Cold

Blue Forest,  7"x 21" kiln-formed glass.  $595 includes stand
Kelly Crosser Alge 2014.
Available for sale in my Daily Paintworks Gallery

I've enjoyed this winter, believe it or not.

Really, I'm not at all a fan of cold, snow, gloomy gray skies, shoveling, slipping on ice, gloves, or cold wet shoes… and this was likely not the best winter to have the heater in my studio croak. 

This Winter gets a trophy.  It has made a valiant effort to keep it's snow on the ground the entire season.  While it has been nice and bright outside,  and it has entertained us with all of its school cancellations and record setting, It is time to say "SAYO-NARA to SNOW".

Parking lot piles and shady pockets of it are still lingering outside, but I trust that Spring will be spreading her dandelions soon.  Plus, the buzzards came back this week.  I like dandelions and buzzards.

I have enjoyed being trapped inside, and it feels like I've had more time.  Time with my family,  time playing in the studio, more time thinking…  I'm appreciative of the time without distractions from outdoors.  It's been quieter and more peaceful around here (aside from school cancellation days, of course).  I don't think I ever thought about that during other winters. 

God said "Be still, and know that I am God".  Being still physically is nearly impossible for me, but after this winter my spirit feels refreshed. 

The glass piece above is about quiet peace, stillness. Cool but not cold.  


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