Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: Red Skies At Night, Shark's (I mean Sailor's) Delight?

It's Day 14, we're almost half-way through the Fused Glass Sgraffito 30 in 30 Challenge!!

"Red Skies at Night"  
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I love all of the 'sharky' photos and stories everyone has posted from our Day 13 Challenge!  Staring at all of those teeth will probably give some of us nightmares tonight... 
 It was a good challenge, because even without the teeth it presented us with something that appeared to be extremely difficult to draw.  Add in the extra challenge of using glass dust to draw it with, and we have a winner!

How many of you skipped out on trying this frightening shark because you didn't think you could draw it?  Luckily, he'll still be right here waiting for you until you give him a try.

The challenge for today, January 14 is to create a sketch of something that frightens you.  Make it fun! 

 Also, if I frighten you, you're welcome to use my old Halloween self-portrait as a reference photo to work from. It's pretty scary. I think we're going to have a good time tomorrow!

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  1. BTW, isn't it 31 in 31 challenge? January has 31 days...or are we taking a day of rest on the 31st? :)


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