Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23: GOYA

Noun. (Urdu)

A transporting suspension of disbelief- An "as-if" that feels like reality- such as in good storytelling.

I love this word!  Anyone who has ever read a great story and allowed themselves to become part of that other life, world, time, and place will understand it well.  I'm sure there is also a word for the sadness you feel when the story ends and you realize you're 'back in your world' and you never really left.

I found this word in a book titled "Lost in Translation", by Ella Frances Sanders.  Here is what the author has to say about 'Goya'...

"Goya is the realm of make-believe, of amazing stories that make you forget what you're doing and where you are--- stories that give you wings and send you soaring across mountain ranges that you never knew existed, or voyaging across oceans even though you don't know how to sail."

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