Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27: KOTOBA

Kotoba (Japanese):   Word.

This month's challenge has been all about words, and finding ways to express them abstractly and artistically.  The Japanese language is FULL of wonderful examples of expression with abstract ideas, and I'd love to share a few more kanji with you over the next few days.  Hopefully you'll enjoy them while you're working on your abstract sgraffito drawing of the word that means "Word".  

This character means 'mouth'

When you add the character that means
'Feeling' above the mouth, it makes the
expression "Kotoba".... Word. Feelings from the mouth.
Kotoba with 2 fires beside it?
Talking, conversation, discussion.

'Person' next to Kotoba...
Trust, believe.

Kotoba beside a sword and a heart?
Endure, acknowledge.  Can you see
Yesterday's word for "power" up there?
That extra stab makes it a sword.

And finally, Kotoba with a river beside it.
A river of words.... It means Teach, learn.
I love it!

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