Thursday, January 28, 2016


Kashimashii (Japanese) Noisy, Mischievous 

Kashimashii has more than one meaning, so today you can choose the definition you like best for your abstract drawing.  I chose this word for several reasons-
 First, kashimashii is just fun to say, 
and because it's a bit onomatopoeic, it's also fun to hear someone else say it!
 The kanji appears to be a wee bit more than slightly 'politically incorrect', too:)
and I think it fits its 'mischievous' definition well!
Let's start with a quick picture of the kanji meaning 'man' along with the kanji for 'woman'.
This is 'man'. Recognize the 'Chikara'?  The window shape means 'field'.
A man is a strong worker in the field.

And 'woman'. This always reminded me of crossed legs.

When 'woman' becomes 'wife' she gets a broom, unfortunately.

When 'man' becomes 'husband' he is no longer in a field and he gets a nice belt.

And here we have it... KASHIMASHII.
  Noisy. Mischievous. Women.
Something tells me that while the ancient women were busily sweeping up the house, the men were out in their fancy belts making up future politically incorrect kanji.  LOL.  I should also mention that the kanji for the word 'ridicule' is two women with a man in between.... Hmmm...

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